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Friday, March 23, 2012

Being new to the blogger thing, at least from the standpoint of creating one,  I'm making this first entry as a test so I can get the feel for what is required to design, align, and keep things simple for easy updating. I've followed many RV travel bloggers over the years and have enjoyed their entries and photo's, some of them are listed on this page, but I never knew what was involved in creating and maintaining one. However, following these folks have kept our dreams of RV travel alive by following vicariously through their adventures. Many bloggers post daily detailing their activities both through text and photos. While we will try posting often we know that we will be in areas where posting will be impossible because of the lack of internet. We do not have smart phones, so all postings will be done from our laptops when wifi is available. We have been looking into getting a mobile hotspot but I'm not sold on that option yet.