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Friday, March 1, 2013

Marathon Motel and RV Park

Once again we battled high winds today on our way to Marathon, we were happy that the drive was a relatively short one. The town of Marathon is small but cute we are planning to go into town tonight for pizza at a restaurant Richard found out about on the internet. We just have to wait for our laundry.
The laundry here at the park has only one washer that works and one dryer and there are no laundries in town. The campground looks pretty typical Texas, flat and dry but with beautiful views of the hills. Richard has some nice pictures of the RV Park it’s a real cute park. We are about 68 miles from Big Bend and we will be going into the park on Sunday.  

Let me set the stage, small southwestern Texan town (total cowboy). We find the 'happening' place in town on a Friday night, the 'snake pit', swinging saloon doors, peanut shells on the floor the whole nine yards. We mosey on in and order a Lone Star and I notice a small stage area in the rear of the room. This is it, this is where you can throw your bottle at the band playing behind a wire cage. I've seen this on TV so I know it happens. No one was playing at the moment but it being Friday evening there had to be some entertainment tonight. So I ask the bar keep if they had something going on tonight, you bet was the reply, he should be here shortly he plays the accordion and he's very good. We were gone by the time he arrived. 

Marathon Motel and RV Park

Marathon has five two room buildings that make up the motel side of the business