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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last night on the road

Our last night on the road was spent at Lakeside Casino and RV Park in Osceola Iowa. This is a convenient stop for us as it makes for a relaxing final leg home. We pulled in about 5:00pm and drove the one way loop around the campground looking for a spot we liked. There weren’t many options as the place was just about full but we did spot a nice site on the end of an aisle. Unfortunately we missed the correct turn so we had to go all the way out to circle around and enter the loop again. In the meantime four other RV’s were driving in and got ahead of us, now were worried about getting any spot at all. We did manage one of the last spots.

These pictures are from last April 2 when the weather was much nicer than this year. It was 87 degrees there.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Heading Home - Driving Slowly

We left sunny, warm and beautiful Arizona Tuesday morning for our long trek home. We didn’t travel that far because we haven’t been in any hurry to return to who knows what kind of weather will be waiting for us. We stopped for the evening at another one; I think our tenth, of New Mexico’s state parks. This one, Bluewater Lake, is about 50 miles west of Albuquerque. It is a beautiful park along a seven mile long lake and sits high in the mountains, and that was the problem. I think our elevation was 7,000 to 7500 feet and it got cold, very cold last night. Our thermometer read 21 this morning, that’s the coldest we have had the entire trip other than the zero reading the day we left.   Needless to say we hurried getting things ready in the morning and promptly left.

Tonight we have located yet another state park, Ute Lake, which sits on a 13 mile long lake which has some of the best walleye fishing in New Mexico. The park is not as pretty as the others we have stayed in but it is right along our path home. Sorry no pictures from Ute State Park  

 It was so different from the desert terrain we have been used to

 It was good to see green and trees as well

 We were one of only four campers there for the evening

 All thought we didn't see any the area was covered with Elk evidence

Monday, April 22, 2013

Towerpoint Resort

We’re back at a resort for one more stay before heading back to Minnesota. This time we are at Hightower Resort in Mesa. We were here last April and really enjoyed it. This time of the year most residents, snowbirds, have left for the season so this place is pretty empty. The real draw for this place is the commons area that is opened 24hrs.  Music from Sirus Satellite Radio is played throughout the area making sitting in the lounge area or using one of the pools or hot tubs very relaxing.

The weather is starting to warm up and the forecast calls for temperatures in the 90's all week. They have an "ice out" contest here on the radio where you guess when the first 100 degree day will be, I guess we are not far from that.

The following photo's were taken in the evening, 9:00 pm, and the temps were still in the 80's yet the area was practically deserted. Nice having the pool to yourself.

Commons Area

Heated pool
Heated pool

Outdoor hot tube with another spa in the back enclosure
Beautiful outdoor lounge
Lap pool

Friday, April 19, 2013

Awesome Archery

The regional park that we are staying at has an archery range that is described as Arizona’s premier outdoor facility and only one of the only Five-Star rated range in the Western United States. Amenities include 4 miles of trails around four separate trails. A couple practice ranges, a2D range and a 3D range. It was really impressive. Steve and Chloe would really enjoy this range.

Five star archery range

Part of the course

Practice range

Visitor, spectator area

Targets on the 2D range

Targets along the 3D range
3D target

Close up of a five foot 3D target

Later in the day we headed into Apache Junction. Apache Junction Arizona is home to the Superstition     Mountains with the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine on the east, Bulldog recreation area on the north, and the city of Mesa on the west. Goldfield Ghost Town, a popular tourist spot preserved from former prospecting days, nestles near the western face of Superstition Mountains. We had to stop and see the ghost town, and
although there were some very old and interesting antiques remaining from the boom mining days, it is still a typical tourist area.