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Monday, August 5, 2013

Canyon Lands – Island in the Sky District

Green River Overlook

We left early this morning in hopes of getting a spot in our favorite campground. Campgrounds in National Parks fill early and can be hard to come by. We not only got a site but we got our favorite spot. We were here once before and thought this was the best spot, there are only 12 spaces available in this campground so we feel very fortunate.

 Willow River Campground

Green River Overlook

It is very hot here close to 100 but as they say it’s a dry heat and therefore more tolerable. It has rained off and on today which is very strange as this is the first rain we have had since leaving in early July. The thunder coming up from the canyons sounds awesome. Most of the day was sunshine and beautiful however as you can see in the photos.

Just down from our campsite is the overlook for the green river. The photos do not show the depth and expanse of this area, it is spectacular.

This afternoon we took a hike to one of the few areas here in the park with Indian ruins. The Indians lived in the overhangs on steep cliffs. The trail to the ruins was easy enough till the very end when we had to scale out a ways to reach the ruins.

 Trail to the grainary....don't look down
 The grainary

We then hiked another trail to Upheaval Dome. The trail ends at an overlook in which a fantastically deformed pile of rock lies below within a crater about three miles across and 1,200 feet deep. There is strong evidence that a meteorite impact caused the structure.