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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Today we woke up early to a free pancake, biscuit and gravy breakfast sponsored by the management of the campgrounds where are staying. What a great way to start the day. The morning started out cool in the 40’s but by 10:00 it was a sunny 70 degrees we are beginning to feel a little guilty for this nice weather while the rest of the country is suffering the cold and snow.   

We found that there are some very interesting parks in this area and we decided to check them out today. Our first stop was Seminole Canyon State Park where we went on a guided hike to the Canyon pictographs. This Park contains rock art that dates back to more than 4000 years and is considered to be some of North America’s oldest. It was very interesting. 

Next was Lake Amistad which is part of the Pecos River and one of America’s top bass fishing  lakes. We decided that we like this area so much that we will be spending the week here. There is a lot of hiking and nice weather, unfortunately the areas we will be visiting for the next few weeks are quite remote most without electricity, cell or wifi, so we will not be able to blog as often as we like but we will try every opportunity that we can so keep checking.


Some more pictures from Holiday Trav L Park:

 Trav-L Park
 Trav-L Park Del Rio Texas

Activity Building

Some pictures from Seminole Canyon State Park where we toured 
 Indian tribes that lived in this area thousands of years ago left their stories in rock art or pictographs.

Texas wide open spaces

Many rocks contained fossils

Fade Bell Shelter containing pictographs