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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Sea and a Pile of Trash

 We thought we would explore the area again today. We ended up in Niland California at the Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge.  Originally named Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge in 1930 it was renamed to honor the areas late congressional representative in 1998. The area was originally 37,600 acres but much of that has been inundated as the Sea has enlarged, only about 2,000 manageable acres remain. 

The Salon Sea 

Very large California Fan Palm

From the wildlife preserve we continued north through Niland to check out a RV Resort, Fountain of Youth Spa and RV Resort, that had been highly recommended. The story on this Resort is that hot springs had been discovered after WWII by construction workers who recognized the therapeutic and healing effects of the artesian mineral water and spread the word. By the late 50’s people from all over the country were coming to camp by the pools.

After a quick tour of the park we headed back toward the town of Niland. Just east of town on government land on the site of an old military installation is the infamous “Slab City”. Slab City is both the strangest and most disgusting place we have ever seen. The first place you come to is Salvation Mountain. This is a work in progress and just keeps growing. Other than the large main painted hill the new addition is man made out of hay and mud plastered on logs, sticks, garbage, ladders and who knows what else. I’ll just post the pictures and let them tell the story. The rest of slab city is nothing but a garbage pile in the desert. It is beyond description and it might be best to Google it to learn more.

Salvation Mountain

A couple of the vehicles parked at the foot of Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain 

Entering the addition

One of many side rooms 

Continuing through the maze 

Another room

and another 

and another 

Shows some of the garbage that goes into the structure

 What would the place be without a shoe tree

Once we got back to Yuma we stopped for dinner at the Quechan Casino and enjoyed the Prime Rib special.