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Thursday, April 12, 2012

We are once again staying at Rockhound State Park, we were here about 12 years ago. You are allowed
to carry out 15 lbs of rocks from the park. People have found many geodes and agates, even some precious gems here, we spent most of the day climbing and digging but didn't find anything but we had a great time looking. I did have a unfortunate run in with a cactus, that was sure painful, everything out here has prickles OUCH!!!

The desert here in New Mexico is starting to bloom and Rich was able to get some great pictures of some of the beautiful flowers, hope you enjoy.

Rockhound State Park
Rockhound State Park
Rockhound State Park
Rock hounding
Fairy Dusters
Blue Phacelia
Mexican Desert Poppy
Look close..desert native