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Monday, April 22, 2013

Towerpoint Resort

We’re back at a resort for one more stay before heading back to Minnesota. This time we are at Hightower Resort in Mesa. We were here last April and really enjoyed it. This time of the year most residents, snowbirds, have left for the season so this place is pretty empty. The real draw for this place is the commons area that is opened 24hrs.  Music from Sirus Satellite Radio is played throughout the area making sitting in the lounge area or using one of the pools or hot tubs very relaxing.

The weather is starting to warm up and the forecast calls for temperatures in the 90's all week. They have an "ice out" contest here on the radio where you guess when the first 100 degree day will be, I guess we are not far from that.

The following photo's were taken in the evening, 9:00 pm, and the temps were still in the 80's yet the area was practically deserted. Nice having the pool to yourself.

Commons Area

Heated pool
Heated pool

Outdoor hot tube with another spa in the back enclosure
Beautiful outdoor lounge
Lap pool