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Friday, March 15, 2013


Retirement Time

We left Carlsbad this morning around 09:30. Once again the sky was as blue and clear as it could be. Not a cloud. I think I would miss an overcast day now and then. We have actually been very lucky so far as weather goes. Since our second day on the road, when we had a little rain, it has been sunshine every day.

Our destination today was Oliver Lee State Park in Alamogordo New Mexico. The drive took us over the Sacramento Mountains at an elevation of 8600 feet. Yes there was snow up there, not much but snow no less. Once across the peak we did the descent to the valley floor and soon we had 82 degrees. We thought Duluth was hard to dress for.

The rest of this day is dedicated to retirement time, tomorrow we will head into town and do laundry and explore the area a little. We are very close to White Sands National Park but seeing how we were just there we may pass on visiting. 

We do not have internet here at the park so I’ll have to wait until we go into town later to publish this post. We had full T-mobil service until we reached the park then lost it. We are sixteen miles outside of Alamogordo.

Yesterday was different from the other days we have had in the fact there was no wind, no even a breeze all day. That lasted until shortly after we went to bed then the wind picked up and blew all night long. This morning, nothing not even a breeze just a beautiful sunny morning.  

                                                Tunnel at the Top of the Sacramento Mountains

 Views from our campsite
 View out our window
 Sun is starting to set

Dog Canyon (trail we will take tomorrow)