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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bumming around for the day

We drove into Albuquerque this morning to look around a bit. We stopped at Camping World to look at camping items and to see what was out there and what we thought we really needed, we didn’t  find anything. Next we went to the new Mesa RV dealership that just opened here. We purchased our RV from Mesa RV in Tucson last April so we thought we would look around and to see if they had a RV wash so we could get rid of the salt that is all over our RV.  They did not have an RV wash but referred us to another place in town. We found the wash but did use it.

We drove around Albuquerque and finally stopped for lunch at the original route 66 cafe. It was really a neat         cafe and we really enjoyed our lunch.

We then drove to the Petroglyph National Monument in hopes of taking a nice hike around the park but the park has been closed because of trail damage caused by recent storms. So we decided we would visit the local Casino and see what we could get for free. Three dollars at the slots for signing up. Oh well.
Then it was back to the RV Park where we did some laundry and relaxed the rest of the day.

Route 66 diner

Inside the diner
do you remember this

or this

or this
could you play this 

Cold start, breakfast and explore the area

I know 30 degrees when you wake up in the morning sounds pretty good to the folks back in Mpls. right now but we don’t run our furnace all night so it is very hard getting out of a warm bed in the morning.

It is very cloudy this morning and I don’t know if we will see the sun today or not.  They are still calling for a high of 56 degrees later today

toast and jam (strawberry peach raspberry thank you Sheila) yogurt and steaming french roast coffee