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Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh what a beautiful morning

Today we woke up to the most beautiful sunrise. Richard was already outside taking pictures when I woke. The stretch of beach that we are on is about half mile long and there are only five of us camping on it. The fee to camp here is eight dollars a day.

Last night we sat outside and listened to the owls, this morning we woke up to the coyotes barking, and the fish jumping in the lake, WOW!!!

We tried out the sea eagle, which is a two person inflatable kayak, we really had a lot of trouble keeping it on course,which seemed strange because we have canoed so often, we just kept going around in circles, we realized to late that we had put the seats in backwards so our keel was backwards too, then came the next hurdle getting out of the boat, we both nearly went into the drink, add that to our good old Minnesota sunburns and you can just imagine the show,  Oh well next time we will be experts.

Pancakes on eggs on the grill
 After a big breakfast of pancakes and eggs we set out to find the namesake of this place.
The namesake...Elephant Butte