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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Snake and Gumbo

He had the right of way

We started the day with a long walk and saw a snake, we believe a pine black snake, on the trail. We are still hoping to see an alligator and an armadillo.

One of the lakes in the State Park

Picnic area at the 2 mile mark

I may have mentioned in other posts that we are next to Gold Beach but that is incorrect we are next to Orange Beach. We went into Orange Beach today to the Alabama Gumbo festival.  Fifteen vendors were competing for the distinction of having the best Gumbo.  We each chose our favorite and agreed that others were not so good. It did prepare us for lunch however. We headed over to LULU’s which sits on the river’s edge. The place is owned by Lucy Buffett, Jimmie’s sister, and is very popular in the area.

Football is large down here, there is always a game on

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