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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Back to Beautiful Weather

We left Elephant Butte around 8:30 this morning and had a leisurely drive through southern New Mexico and into Arizona. We stopped for the day in Benson about 45 miles east of Tucson. The temperature swings have really been severe from 14 the night before last to mid 60’s here in Benson. It’s so nice to have the windows opened and fresh air again. We don’t have wifi here so I’ll try using my phone as a hotspot.

Our first rest stop in Arizona, blue sky's warm weather.

Saturday Jan 25th

We had a great evening here in Benson. The campground is within walking distance to a Denny’s so we walked over and had dinner last evening. 

Sunday Jan 26th

We had our heater set at 60 degrees last night and it only came on once then we ran the furnace this morning for a short time to take the chill out. After breakfast we took a long walk, the sun was out and not a cloud in the sky.
After lunch we took a long drive in the desert, we did come across a large Pecan or Walnut grove. The groves are so unusual because they keep them free of all debris under the trees. It looks so neat and clean. 

View from our RV

View from our walk this morning