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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Searching for Our Fortunes

Looks like it will be another beautiful day

Today we thought we would join the hordes of others who prospect this area in hopes of finding their fortunes. So I retrieved Chris’ metal detector from the storage area and of course realized that we have no batteries for it so off to town we went. After loading the batteries and calibrating the unit we were off across the desert to find handfuls of gold and other precious metals. Well to make a long story short the only thing we found, of value, was the quarter that I hid to check the unit initially. We did enjoy the time but we both agree that we know absolutely nothing about prospecting.

There's gold in them there hills 

After lunch we again took off across the desert to explore one of the hills off to our south that is so much whiter than the others around it. We found that the entire side of it is nothing put white sparkling quartz. We did read where a lot of people find traces of gold in the quartz. But again knowledge is the key.

 Part of our hike took us along this ATV trail

We found some desert bloom along the way 

We called it Quartz Mountain 

This entire side of the hill was Quartz

 View from the top

More views

Yet another view from the top

This way down

By the time we returned to the RV we were ready to just sit, relax and read our books. We are both reading Inferno by Dan Brown an excellent book that we can hardly put down.