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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beaches and Bogs

Bog walk

Chris took a long walk this morning while I stayed behind and caught up on some RV cleaning and maintenance. The hot weather has returned and it did not take long to warm up so after her walk and my work we had lunch and decided to head down to the beach again.  I cannot get over the beautiful beaches they have especially after the terrible oil spill of a couple of years ago. I have no idea how they cleaned up but they did a heck of a job.

Yet another perfect day

Our reserved spot

After the beach we stopped to see what is referred to as the last great American Road House, the Floa-Bama. It is on the beach at the Florida Alabama border. There are many bars some inside some outside many stages both in and out. It appears to be the “hot spot” for the younger crowd.

Entrance to  upstairs bars

View from top deck

View from balcony over one of the bars (yes they are)

We decided to try a restaurant for supper that was referred to us by the manager of the campground we stayed at in Fairhope last week. She said it was the “best local fare” we would find. But she cautioned that the place had no atmosphere. With a recommendation like that we had to try it. On the first account the food was good not great on the second she was dead on, no atmosphere.

No atmosphere here

On the way back from the restaurant we saw a sign for a Pitcher Plant Bog. It was a very pretty place with a long board walk that takes you out into the marsh. There were Pitcher Plants everywhere.

Pitcher Plant

Many Pitcher Plants

Great boardwalk

Pitcher Plant

Bog of flowers

I know that I have seen this guy before

As a bonus for the day Chris saw an alligator in a small stream as we were driving to the restaurant. I did not witness such sighting however but I guess I believe her.