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Monday, March 24, 2014

Yuma Territorial Prison

One of the items we purchased in Quartzsite at a RV accessory supplier was this sun shade that attaches to the awning. This actually works better than I thought it would because it is very hard to see through from the outside thus giving us a nice almost private screen room, I say almost because there are no sides. Anyway it keeps the area under the awning completely shaded.

Our new sun privacy shade

You can see out but not in

Looking east from our spot

We toured the Yuma Territorial Prison today. The prison was in operation from 1876 until 1909.  A total of 3,069 prisoners lived there including 29 women during this time.

Prison enterance

Front gate

Guard Tower on top of the prisons original water supply

A look into the cell area

Up to six prisons shared a cell with nothing but a bible and a pot for a toilet 

Entry to the dark cell (for incorrigible prisoners) 

Entering the dark cell 

 Dark cell

Looking out from the dark cell

looking at some cells from the yard

Here are just a few of the female prisoners that lived here.

Looking from the guard tower

View from the guard tower overlooking the Colorado river

 Just down the road is St. Thomas Mission

St Thomas Mission 

View from the mission parking lot