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Monday, May 21, 2012

Relaxing In The Black Hills

The forecast for today called for sunny skies and temperatures in the 80's so we decided to drive around the area and see some sights. The drive started with a very narrow, hilly and curvy road which included three very narrow tunnels. The road was constructed in such a way that Mount Rushmore is visible from each tunnel. Unfortunately, I was not successful at showing the monument in my photos. You will just have to take my word for it that you can see the monument from these locations.

                  I'm glad we had the car and not the motor home when we came upon these tunnels.

Keystone was the first stop. Keystone is right in the heart of the area and sits right next to Mount Rushmore. It is very touristy, as all the cities in the area are, with many souvenir and gift stores along with cafes and restaurants. Keystone is also a stop along the 1880's steam train route.

The next stop was Hill City. Another touristy town with plenty of shops. Hill City may be a little more artsy then Keystone as the following photo shows.                                                                  

This horse was one of many creations we saw around town made entire from scrap metal, gears,chains,old tools, etc.etc. I know I saw a large crescent wrench on one of the back legs. We then continued on into Custer City. Again we walked around a little before stopping and having lunch.

                      On the drive back to the campgrounds we saw this guy along side the road.

A little further down the road we saw this guy and shortly after this we saw the donkey that we saw yesterday.

South Dakota May 20

We left Glendo this morning and drove to Custer South Dakota and we are camped at Spokane Creek Campgrounds. We had wanted to go directly into Custer State Park but are having some water pipe problems that must be fixed before we can go and camp without hookups. Our campgrounds is about two miles from the State Park entrance.

The drive through eastern Wyo was beautiful, it is very hilly and wide open, and we saw so many Antelope. We would love to came back here, the Laramie Mts. and the Wyo badlands look very interesting.

Old country school house

Eastern Wyoming

Black Hills Fire

Black Hills Fire

Wild Donkey Along the Road