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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

US Mexican Border
Summer is here in Tucson :)

We are still here in Tucson and the high today is 90, yea! We decided to do a day trip down to Organ Pipe National Monument. We are so glad that we didn't take the RV down because the roads were terrible, with a lot of construction going on and gas prices at $4.10 per gallon.

The park is awesome, it's the only place outside of Mexico that Organ Pipe Cactus grow. We took the scenic loop road, which was mostly dirt for 29 miles and were able to sneak in a two mile hike up to two beautiful arches. It was a long hot drive but worth it.

There is no question that our Border Patrol is not on duty. Along our drive today we saw Border Patrol everywhere. We had to pass thru two separate check points where they checked our car with a drug sniffing dog and questioned us as to where we lived and were we US citizens. Thank God we passed on both accounts. 

Tomorrow we will be visiting friends in Surprise Arizona.

Large Organ Pipe Cactus
Trail to arch's
Along the Trail