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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Elephant Butte Day Two

The day started out warm with and NO wind however the wind is coming this afternoon. We took advantage of the nice weather and took a drive north of town along the lake. The state park boundary runs all along the lake for miles and camping is allowed just about everywhere. Most places however require a four wheel drive because of the sand. There are large tow vehicles that patrol the beach area pulling people in motor homes and trailers that are foolish enough to try and camp on the water’s edge. I don’t know what they charge to pull someone out but I would imagine that it’s plenty. Once you get stuck in the sand you’re not getting out on your own.

We then drove into Truth of Consequences which is just a short drive south of Elephant Butte. The town has some interesting and colorful buildings. We shopped around for a while and headed back to the RV for lunch. Just as we got back the wind started and has been raging up to gusts of 55 miles per hour ever since.

Some brave people camping on the beach. With the wind we have been having these people are putting up with a lot of blowing sand and I have no idea how they keep their tents anchored down.
This guy could be a definite candidate for the 'big hook'

Morning view from our window

More people camped in a tent trailer

A Truth or Consequences Spa
A small studio
Not sure what business was located here but I love the color
Almost ate here because of a really nice opened court yard

Part of main street

If playing the guitar doesn't work out for ya you can always spend it.
This was just an interesting building that was for sale. It might have been an old motel.