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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where can we find some snow

We ventured out today to locate some snow, where do you find snow in southern Arizona after the last four days have been record setting days with temperatures in the high eighties. The answer of course is Mt Lemmon. Located on the east side of Tucson the mountain rises to 9100 feet and is home to the small town of Summerhaven as well as Ski Valley and the Iron Door Restaurant. Mount Lemmon is the highest point of the Santa Catalina Mountains and the ascent to the top is along the Sky Island Parkway which is part of the national scenic byways system. Our trip included the 55 mile drive to Tucson and then the 28 mile trip up the mountain, it was a beautiful drive. 

The disappointment came when we arrived at the summit and discovered that everything was closed. We had hoped that perhaps the ski lifts were operating, as they do in some ski areas during the off season, and we were looking forward to the Iron Door Restaurant. Still it was a great day and it beat going to work.

Overlooking Tucson to the southwest
A rare overcast day 
Continuing our upward climb

Can you spot the climber?
How about now?