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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tower Point resort is awesome, we spent all morning in the pool. Then in the afternoon went to a produce market that had unbelievable prices on fruit and vegetables that are all local.

We have meet so many nice people here. The pool is heated to 86 degrees, they also have a therapy pool, 102 degrees, and a hot tub. We have gone on tours of people's homes that we have meet, and were able to get involved in there monthly happy hour and s steak dinner, the dinner was great even included desert and all the wine and beer was free. We had a very good time. We love it here!!!
 getting ready for happy hour
Open bar
Pools Area
A few pictures from Towerpoint Resort.

Activities Area

Outdoor Lounge Area  

View from our front window

It's still April right?

It is really hard to believe that it is still April and we are looking at the following temperatures:
Quartzite Arizona (our destination tomorrow through the weekend)

Today    Friday   Saturday    Sunday     Monday
94/62    98/64   101/65      103/65       101

Death Valley (destination later next week?)

Today    Friday   Saturday    Sunday     Monday
100/70  102/73  106/75     108/74     109

I think we will be ready to enjoy the higher elevations as we pass through Utah and Colorado next month.
A great visit with friends.........

We drove from Tucson to Mesa this morning and checked into Towerpoint RV Resort. We then drove to Surprise Arizona to visit friends who winter there. We were very impressed with Phoenix, both Mesa and Surprise are very very nice areas. We got a first hand look at what being a snowbird is like and it's great. The resort where they stay offers everything, there is something for everyone. We ended our visit by having steaks on the grill and drove back to Mesa.  

We decided to spent an additional day here in Mesa before heading to the western part of the state for more desert camping. Things should get a bit interesting because temperatures are expected to reach 102 degrees by Saturday. It was in the 90's today and the locals were saying how hot it was. Both Chris and I thought it felt pretty good, dry heat you know, no humidity.