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Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally some shade........

We don't have the Internet at the park we are staying so this morning we are at the Internet Laundromat.
Sunday was another hot day in the desert. We headed into Parker, only an hours drive from Quartzsite 

We  are camped at Buckskin State Park, right on the Colorado River. There are lots of trees here so at least we have shade but its still very hot.

We had lunch at a very unique place called the Desert Bar, not to far from Parker, but up a dirt four wheel drive road, the longest five miles my little Saturn ever put in, it took us 40 min.The bar was pretty incredible, it's only open Sat. and Sun.from high noon till 6:00 PM and New Years Eve till midnight if it falls on the weekend.They are closed in the summer from June till Sept. The woman's bathroom is open air no glass in the windows with a beautiful view. Richard couldn't post pictures today but we will be posting as soon as we can. This bathroom was the most beautiful I have ever seen It was blasted right out of the side of the mountain. The beer battered French Fries were delish and the band was great.

Check out Desert Bar Parker AZ on goggle