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Monday, April 16, 2012

 One could get use to this.........

 We woke up freezing this morning and had to fight over which one of us would get up and turn the furnace on, it had gone down into the low 40's during the night, but as soon as the sun comes up it really warms up fast. One hour after we got up we were outside eating our breakfast in the warm sunshine.

We had chores to do today so we spent most of the day in town, doing laundry and shopping.
I never  realized how many Walmarts there are in this country. We had lunch at the Olive Garden and were able to eat outdoors again, what a treat for us Minnesotans.

At the advice of a fellow camper we stopped at the Pima Air and Space Museum where they have many military and private aircraft on display, inside the hangers and outside on the field, we were able to take a free guided tour, and really had a good time.