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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Another Beautiful Beach and Haunted Lighthouse

The cold front has made its way down here. Temperatures dipped into the 40’s last night, great for sleeping but it makes for an interesting situation in the morning to see who gets up first to turn the furnace on and start the coffee.

Today is laundry day but we don’t need to leave the park to do it. This is the largest state park we have ever been to, besides the normal state park activities this one has the pool and splash pool, activity building, Segway rentals, beach, golf course, boat and canoe rental, bike rental, volley ball courts etc. You can camp for a day, week, a month or the entire winter season, they have a lot of snow birds that spend the entire winter here.

Gulf Shores State Park Laundromat 

Out the back door of the Laundromat

Out the side door of the laundromat  

Don't have to say it twice

State Parks inland lake

It has really started warming up quickly so the plan for the day, after laundry, is to drive to Pensacola Florida and visit the Gulf Island National Sea Shore as well as one of the most haunted places along the Gulf Coast, the Pensacola Lighthouse.

First stop was Gulf Island National Sea Shore. Because it is part of the National Park System our admission was free with our America Beautiful Card (geezer card). By the time we arrived it had warmed into the mid 70’s but without a cloud in the sky the sun seemed much warmer. I was again surprised that we had most of the beach to ourselves. No complaints however. We had a picnic lunch and Chris searched for more shells, it was a great afternoon.

Sea shore road

Few people on the beach today

I think we will like it here 

OK Pick a spot

A few people fishing

No neighbors this way 

Looking for shells 


After the beach we drove over to Pensacola Naval Air Station to see the Lighthouse. There is a large Aviation Museum on base but we just went through an air Museum in Mobile and it was getting late so we opted out of visiting.