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Friday, April 5, 2013

Tucson Day 5

Today will be our last full day at Ricon West Resort. We hate to leave; one could really be spoiled by this lifestyle. We now know what the snowbirds KNOW. We have enjoyed Tucson and even though we are leaving the resort here we are staying in Tucson for a couple more days. We plan to move out to the desert and camp at Gilbert Ray Campground; it’s a beautiful park in the desert on the west side of town. It has great views of the Tucson Mountains on the east and vast desert to the south, west and north.
One of our goals for this trip, besides getting away from the Minnesota winter was to look at RV’s. While we have been very happy with what we have we have always wanted something with a little more room. Since used RV’s are numerous in this area we have been spending time looking around. We found a nice used RV that has everything we have been looking for. It is two years newer and 15,000 fewer miles. We should find out Monday or Tuesday if everything is a go or not on the swap.

Normally I have really good birthdays. Every once in a while I get a not so good one and it looks like today may go down in the not so good category. Chris has been down all day with either stomach flu or something she ate did not agree with her. I started the day at the store buying Popsicles, crackers, and chicken noodle soup. By late morning she was feeling a little better but was awful tired so we turned the air conditioner on and closed everything up and she went down for a long nap. I decided I would head over to the pool but I thought I would sit in the hot tube first. After sitting there for two or three minutes wondering why the hot tub wasn’t responding  to the on switch I got up and out of the tub to try the switch again and it was then I felt something in the pocket of my swim trunks, my cell phone. I really don’t consider myself stupid so I’m calling this one an age thing, after all I did become a year older today. I did open it up immediately and dried what I could; I removed the battery, Sim card and memory card and laid everything out in the sun. When I got back to the RV I went online and found that the chances are not real good for a recovery.  Perhaps a new phone for a birthday present, funny how things work sometimes. 

Chris checked out the Library yesterday

Anyone for a puzzle