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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Catch Up Thursday

Tuesday March 18th

After a morning breakfast of what I call BBQ’d pancakes we packed up and left our desert home for town. We needed to fill our fresh water tank and dump the waste tanks but to do so would cost as much as a night at one of the many RV parks in town. We decided to stay for a couple of days and enjoy the comforts of the park and take a couple day trips.

Pancakes on the Barbie

Wednesday March 19th

Our first day trip was to check out a campground that sits along the Colorado River in Blythe California. While searching for this park we also discovered a nice county park that also sits along the river. The county park appealed to us more than the private but both have their strong points. Either one or perhaps both may be on our going to next list. We returned to Quartzite in time for supper and decided to give the Yacht Club one more chance, not that impressed. If this was the best the town has to offer I can only imagine what the others are like.  

Thursday March 20th

Today we decided to drive to Lake Havasu. The first half of the trip was not very exciting as most of it was scrub desert. Once we got about half way, Parker AZ things changed. From this point until Lake Havasu we followed the river. Many beautiful resorts and homes can be found all along until you reach Lake Havasu. It was obvious right away that this is spring break time but it was still early afternoon and activities were somewhat limited. I would imagine as the day wears on things heat up a bit. We drove around town a while and then parked the car at the London Bridge and walked along the river for a ways. 

Lake Havasu in the distance 

The gate to London Bridge Square

The fountain in London Bridge Square 

London Bridge 

 A couple nice resorts

A colorful vessel 

                                       A colorful and very very fast vessel

Another very fast vessel

 A London Phone Booth
I just loved the colors

Once we had enough of that it was time to head back. But first we stopped at Blue Water Casino in Parker AZ and after explaining to the bartender how to make them we enjoyed a sidecar cocktail. Another stop at Walmart to replenish essentials and then off to home.     

Now that's a cocktail