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Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19

                                                  One last look at the view from our campsite.

Today we woke up to a cold and cloudy morning, we watched the fog roll in over the mountains, we hated to leave this beautiful place but it was a little to cold, the high for the day was only in the 50's and they were calling for rain. We are headed to South Dakota.

We made our first stop in Fort Collins and did a tour of the Budweiser Brewery, that took about two hours and was a lot of fun, we than stopped at Sierra Traders, a large store like Gander Mountain, and did a little shopping.

We ended up calling it a day at about 5:00pm and are camped at Glendo Lakeside RV Park in Glendo WY. It is a very clean campground and the area is very beautiful.

                                            We watched the clouds roll in and leave just as quick.

                                    Beautiful evening at Glendo Lakeside RV Park in Glendo WY.

                                                          I hope those are friendly clouds.


May 18

This morning we decided to relax and have a nice breakfast, Richard made his famous pancakes and eggs outside on our grill, Delicious. We than went back into Estes Park to check out some of there more interesting stores. We have a favorite restaurant in town that has an outdoor patio that is built over the river. The weather was nice enough to eat outdoors. We than took a long ride through the park and saw a lot of elk and deer.

In the evening we were able to have a nice campfire and roast wieners before the big winds and the rain came.The wind gusts were so bad that we had to rescue our neighbor's tent, it pulled the stakes right out of the ground and would have blown the tent away if the picnic table hadn't stopped it long enough for us to run over grab it, carry it back and stake it back in for her,she was quite surprised when she returned .After that it got cold and rained pretty hard all night.

       The river runs right through Estes Park. There are many areas where you can sit and enjoy a meal, coffee or beverage of your choice and relax.

                                      The bar area in Nicky's is lined with hundreds of wine bottles.
 Nicky's restaurant sits right along the river with an outside patio extends a crossed the river. Cool.

 The Elk and the Deer in the park seem very use to people and aren't easily freighten. I was able to stop the car and get out to take a photo and they could care less.

 Not quite sure about this guy other then it is some kind of warbler.