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Friday, February 22, 2013

Del Rio Texas

After yesterday and 80 degrees we woke to a chilly 47 degrees this morning. Because we slept with the windows opened last night it was a coin toss as to which one of us had to leave the warm comfy bed and turn the furnace on. After I turned the furnace on I concentrated on getting the coffee going. After ten minutes it was warm and toasty and the coffee hot and strong. We had breakfast and watch the morning news before getting ready to move on. We decided today’s destination was going to be Del Rio Texas, about 150 miles west and on the Mexican border.

We enjoyed the drive as we went through some very pretty towns. We stopped along the highway at a picnic area and Chris made some very good chicken sandwiches for lunch. We found a RV park in our book that we headed for upon arriving in Del Rio, however, one look at the place and we knew that it was not for us. We continued a little further down the road and found the Holiday Trave-L Park and checked in for a couple of nights. Very nice place.

After getting settled in we went over to the activity building to do laundry. While waiting for the laundry we visited with a lot of the other folks staying here. Many of them are snowbirds and are here for the season. After we finished with the laundry we went back to the RV and Chris fixed some walleye fillets that Ann and Steve had given us. Thanks guys, the fish was great.    

Del Rio is a border town, the town across the border from us is Acuna Mexico. For those old enough to remember there is a small radio station in Acuna where a fellow by the name of Wolfman Jack use to broadcast every evening. Because the station use to broadcast at 500,000 watts, ten times the power allowed for stations broadcasting in the states, he could be heard all the way to the Canadian border. 

Beautiful day for a picnic

Today's happy hour