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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Deming Day 2

After a good breakfast, and staring at the great expanse in front of us, we decided to tackle the desert by taking a good hike.  We were told about a couple areas of interest so with GPS in hand, a back pack containing lunch and a lot of water off we went to find them. The hike took us over hills, across the flats and through the dried up washes. We ended up hiking 6.6 miles. Not a lot of photo opportunities but we have a few.

Back at the RV and well rested we grilled some brats, took our showers and were just getting settled in for the evening when someone knocked on our door. One of the snowbirds who spends winters here asked if we would like to join him and his wife tomorrow for a four wheel drive in the desert. There are many interesting ruins and land marks that can only be seen by using four wheel drive vehicles.  So we have a date for 9:00 tomorrow morning.

Breakfast view

We decided to tackle the desert today

somewhere out there is a treasure

 up and over

in the wash

some of our findings 

a find ending