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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gas for $2.79 a gallon or$2.59 or $2.51

We finally left New Orleans Sunday morning after two failed attempts. Thank God for our GPS but it’s not perfect. It may be perfect but you probably need to make sure you have the latest software loaded. My bad. Anyway, after getting lost twice, we finally got headed the right direction, north and left town. The first thirty some miles were spent on two separate bridges, we crossed miles and miles of Bayou’s, It felt good to be  a solid ground when we finally left that last bridge.

Two things I can not be without GPS and backup camera

We pulled into the same park we stayed at on the way down in Memphis, a nice park right on the Mississippi River. We had a nice evening watching the barge traffic on the river.  

 Camping on the Mississippi West Memphis Arkansas

 Camping on the Mississippi West Memphis Arkansas

Camping on the Mississippi West Memphis Arkansas

Monday we made it to Bowling Green Missouri; we are right off highway 61 just south of Hannibal. We are at a small campground that is very quiet and clean.

Cozy C Office 

Cozy C RV park Bowling Green Missouri

Just after crossing the Missouri border this morning from Arkansas we noticed gas prices at $2.79 a gallon, we needed gas so we stopped and felt pretty good about it. An hour later we saw $2.59 and an hour after that we saw $2.51. I don’t think gas dropped that low all over today because we saw it back at $2.89 a little later on.

Just before we saw $2.51

Our worry about this trip and coming home this time of the year is getting caught in freezing weather before having a chance to winterize the RV. Most of the campgrounds and RV parks in Minnesota close for the season around the 15th of October for the same reasons, having their water and sewer lines freeze. We know of a Casino RV park in Iowa just south of Des Moines where we had planned on making our finally stop and winterizing the RV. The forecast for next few days looks pretty good and it doesn’t look like a hard frost anytime soon but I think we will still stop at the casino and prepare the RV for winter.

Because we have no phone service or WIFI where we are at tonight I will try and post this tomorrow from the casino and it will be the finale post of this trip. 

We made it to Lakeside Casino in Osceola Iowa in time to spend one last day basking in the warm sunshine. It is still short pants weather with temps in the 70’s.  We should be home early tomorrow afternoon with great memories from a great vacation.

 Lakeside Casino

Lakeside Casino RV Park