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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Grand Isle Louisiana

We drove through New Orleans without really seeing anything other than bridges, more bridges, water and the freeway. We were headed a couple hours south of New Orleans to Grand Isle Louisiana. Grand Isle is a small settlement at the end of a very long and narrow peninsula. There is a state park at the very end of this land strip. It is a beautiful park and a nice place to spend some down time. Other than spending time on the beach and a few small hikes there is little else to do.
We will be leaving here on Tuesday and heading to New Orleans where we plan to spend a week.

The following are some pictures from our time at Grand Isle.

Along I10 approaching New Orleans

Water is everywhere here

Going across lake Pontchartrain. The bridge off to the right is the Causeway and is one of the longest bridges in the world, 24 miles long.

New Orleans

An eight mile bridge going to Grand Isle

All homes are built on stilts

Grand Isle State Park

Chris Is washing shells she collected on the beach. 

Looking back from the fishing pier

Bridges and water all around us

We found out this morning that we could not stay at the National Park in Ocean City because everything had been reserved mainly because of the car show. So after a walk in through the woods and along a small river and swamp we packed up and headed out toward New Orleans.

 We put our sights on Grand Isle State Park. The park is literally at the southern end of Louisiana with water on three sides. We are right on the gulf with only a short walk over the sand dunes from the beach. We paid for four days and we look forward to some down time. Because we are so far out there isn’t much to sight see and it’s too far to run into New Orleans. When we leave here we will move closer to New Orleans and check out the sights then.

It was a very pretty trip into, through and out of New Orleans; it seems things are only accessible by bridges here. There bridges everywhere and some are very long; the last bridge we had to take was eight miles long.