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Friday, May 11, 2012

More Ruins

View from Mesa Verde

We stayed another day at Mesa Verde, after having breakfast at the Park's outdoor restaurant, we decided to head down to Hovenweep National Monument.This is probably the most remote place that we have been.

On the way we passed free ranging cattle and wild horses along the road and herds of goats and sheep that the Navajo people tend, one herd was being shepherded entirely by one lone border collie. The desert was blooming at this altitude and smelled so beautiful. Only a small portion of this park is on paved roads the rest is high clearance vehicles only and only during dry weather.

We were able to take a two mile loop trail to some very old and beautifully preserved ruins. They were built by the ancestors of today's Pueblo Indian tribes and have not been inhabited for over 700 years. We will be heading out of this area tomorrow but don't know where we will end up..

Some Fancy horns

Watching over his flock

Wild horse

Desert Rose

Hovenweep Castle