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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cool Day In the Desert

What a difference when the sun does not shine. It’s normal in the desert for the evenings to have temperatures in the 40’s this time of year but it warms up quickly once the sun is up, which it normally is. Today however we woke to cloudy grey skies and it is not warming up much. Long pants and a light jacket are the uniform of the day.

One thing they don’t tell you when you sign up for unlimited call, text and data with your cell provider, at least with T-Mobile, is that you are limited to 2GB if using your phone as a wireless hotspot. We seem to use the 2GB up well before our month is up. Such was the case last night when I tried to post the blog. So first thing this morning I was off to find a McDonalds to connect. This resort offers WIFI but you have to subscribe and it’s not secure. I do have a wireless MIFI which I reactivated for a month, so we should be OK for a while. It’s a little bit more expensive than what is offered here but it is secure and probably much faster.

The sun finally managed to make its appearance around 3:00 this afternoon which made for a beautiful remainder of the day. With broken clouds still in the sky I knew that I had another sunset photo op.

Desert Walk, Chili Cook Off and Cribbage

I took this video at the start of my walk today; it’s so peaceful and quiet. It’s been cooler than normal here and will be so until Sunday when the temperature will be mid to high 70’s for a while. I hope that will be the new norm.

The resort sponsored a hot dog and chili cook off tonight that I went to. There were at least a dozen people vying for title of best made chili. They were all lined up along a long table with their entry from mild to hot. I like hot spicy food so I headed directly to the end of the line where I had a choice of four different kinds of “hot “chili. After asking how they rated their chili on a scale of one to ten I went with Mike’s Texas style that he said was a 4 on the hot scale. His chili was very good but it was an 8 on my scale. As it turned out Mike‘s chili won first place in the cook off. 

After supper I stuck around for the weekly cribbage tournament. I enjoy cribbage and it was a lot of fun. Even though I didn't win any money my score was respectable.

The sunsets here have been incredible every night so far, pictures do not capture the colors that the sky becomes when the sun sets. Maybe I need to work on my photo skills a bit and see if I can do a better job of showing the colors as they are. I’ll work on it.  (the photos were taken with my cell phone)