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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Deming NM Day 1

Today we are camping at Hidden Valley Ranch RV Park outside of Deming New Mexico. We left Elephant butte at about 9:30 this morning and drove about two hours to Deming. Along the way we passed through the little town of Hatch the pepper capital of New Mexico, what a cute town, it’s famous for pepper burgers and of course peppers. There are stands all over town selling salsa and dried peppers we really wished we could have stayed in town longer but I guess we will just have to come back another time.

Although this is a RV Park it is also a ranch, the owners have 7000 acres and raise cattle, and in order to get here we had to travel down a very dusty dirt road for about seven miles. The campground motto is “if you wanta be in the country you gotta drive on a country road to get there.”  The campers have free rein on all the property, most of the people here are long term campers and have four wheel drive vehicles  there are trails all over for hiking and driving or you can just take off on your own through the desert. There is an old homestead on the property, an old fort and petroglyphs. The best thing is this is prime rock hounding territory and you can keep any rocks that you find. We spent the whole afternoon searching for treasures but so far have found nothing; our neighbors have given us some locations so you can bet that we will be back at it tomorrow.  

The weather has been improving and today there was no wind to speak of at all, the nights are still pretty chilly though. Tomorrow the highs will be back in the upper seventies.   

Normally we do not take the motor home on dirt roads so here we are going seven miles across the desert to get to Hidden Valley. The road was not as smooth as it looks in this picture.

Finally after 10 miles an hour we arrive

Not sure what the Adult RV Resort means

Our view to the front

The road in was hard on the Saturn, of course vehicle washing is not allowed, but we have to drive out again anyway.