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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Catching Up


Last night just before going to bed the rain started and it started with a BANG. One clap of thunder that was the loudest we have ever heard. Along with the rain a cold front moved in and the temperature this morning was in the mid 50’s, we weren’t expecting that...

Shelby North Dakota

                                                                  Beautiful North Dakota

Despite the cooler temperatures the sun was out and it was a beautiful morning until we were just outside of Williston, the oil rich boom town of this century. The lack of road construction that we had enjoyed up to this point ended abruptly. Williston is being redone from the inside out to accommodate the rapid population growth that is underway. There is such a lack of housing for the oil workers that we even saw steel storage containers stacked on top of one another and people living in them. You would think that with the economic boom and all the oil being pumped out of Williston that they would have decent gas prices. Wrong, prices range from $3.69 to $3.79 a gallon.

Heading to Williston ND

 Fender bender

 Wide open spaces
 Could be a country school house

The weather was threatening all day but never did storm or even rain. It cleared up entirely and we are enjoying a nice cool evening. 

We are in Shelby Montana at a very nice city park and again it is a very chilly morning with bright blue skies. We decided that instead of spending any time in places we have seen before like Glacier National Park, we would head for head for Washington and Oregon and maybe have some time on the coast. So we will see what happens, there is a chance our plans may change again.

WOW what temperature changes, it went from 52 degrees this morning to 96 degrees this afternoon. We are in Superior Montana at a federal forest campground. It’s 9:00 pm and just starting to cool off.
This morning we left for Washington. We are currently staying in Ellensburg Washington. Western Montana and Idaho both have spectacular scenery.  This part of Washington is quite pretty too, very green and hilly with a view of the snow capped mountains. We are camped at the Yakima River RV Park it is part of a ranch that raises bulls for rodeos. The weather here is windy, sunny, and cool, our views are beautiful plus this park has WiFi, couldn’t ask for much more.

 Scary exit from our campground, yes we did make it through in one piece
 Crossing the Columbia River
 That's Mt Rainier way way off in a distance