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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A dam tour

Today was a laid back kind of day. Rich got a haircut and I did some house cleaning and laundry. In the afternoon we did a tour of the Hoover Dam. The new bridge was really awesome, we were able to walk across it. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

 Turbines in The Power Room

Tunnel to the Power Plant

 View from the new Bypass Bridge

New bypass bridge

Hoover Memorial

It's Vegas Baby

We arrived in Las Vegas around 11:00 am, our first stop was the pawn shop featured on the cable show Pawn Stars. I was hoping to see my favorite star Chumly, but they only show up for filming and we were there to early, they were going to film at 2:00 pm. We spent the rest of the day on the strip and downtown on Fremont St. We have been here before, but I have never been downtown,  WOW, what an incredible place. Every body should come here at least once in their life. The downtown area comes alive after dark, there were live bands playing on every block, dancing in the streets, magic shows, show girls walking around in their beautiful costumes and the light show, it's like an adult Disney Land. What a blast, we must have walked ten miles.

When we left to return to the RV Park we noticed our taillights were out, we pulled into a gas station and four young men came over and offered their help, as soon as they left another man offered help than a young woman gave us her flashlight, we managed to fix the problem, but also learned a good lessen about the kindness of strangers.

We are staying at Sam's Town Casino and RV Resort, just a few miles from the strip. We hope to tour the Hoover Damn tomorrow.

 Walk along the strip

 New York




Up To 5000 a day visit the Pawn Shop

 waiting to enter

Inside the Pawn Shop
Chris and the Boys

 Fremont Street

Zip Lines on Fremont Street

 Street dancing

 Fremont Mall

Light Show

Light Show

Some catch up........

We are back online again. We are in Las Vegas. But first I'll post some pictures from the last couple of days.

We Finally got some relief from the Sun with a little bit of shade. 107 degrees the day we arrived here. It's a State Park (Buckskin Mountain) located along the river.

There is a lot of camping along the Colorado River, where you can camp right on shore, as you can see in this photo.

This guy was putting on some show.




Some of our neighbors her in the campground. Besides the birds above, the campground was full of White Tail Doves, so many that sleeping in was out of the question.

We went to the Desert Bar which was an experience. You can Google to get more information and pictures.

Entrance to the Desert Bar

Inside Bar

Outside Area

Hwy 95 Band

Open Air Ladies Bath Room

Ladies Room

We did not have Internet at the State Park so our last post was made from a laundromat in Parker AZ. While waiting for the laundry I somehow managed to lock the car keys in  the car. OUCH!  I was prepared to look for a locksmith to help us out when Chris reminded me that prior to this trip we signed up for Roadside Assistance. The initial thought was that towing a motor home 50 miles out of the desert would cost hundreds. So after a five minute phone call, a 30 minute wait, we were back in business. 

On the way back from our laundry chores we stopped at the Blue Water Casino. After signing up for their club card we again received some nice promotions. We each got $10 in gambling and a $9.95 lunch buffet. Got to love these casino's.