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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yet another night at La Mesa RV

Well we finally got custody of the new RV. Our walk through went well and because we are familiar with most of the systems already it only took an hour and a half instead of the two that were scheduled. So at 2:30 we started moving everything from the old rig to the new one. Our goal was not to spend another night on their parking lot. As long as we could get everything transferred from the old to the new by 6:00 pm we were free to leave, however, after 6:00 the gate is locked and you are there until morning. We didn’t make it by 6:00 pm so we spent another night at La Mesa RV.

This morning we took our time getting ready to leave and spend time visiting with some of the other people that had spent the night there as well. One couple has been there for eight days now; they are waiting for a part on their coach. I say coach instead of rig or RV because we are talking about some very expensive motor homes.

We want to stay in the Tucson area for a couple of days until we are comfortable with the RV and know that everything is working as it is supposed to. So we moved a short distance to Ricon East RV Resort. Last week we were staying at their sister resort , Ricon West. We spent the remainder of the day rearranging things from yesterday and then hit the hot tub and pool before supper. 

If the weather doesn’t change soon in Minnesota we may never make it home. We keep expecting to hear that spring has sprung but it sounds like it may be a spring less year and jump right into summer.   

                                                                          The new ride

                                                    Left side showing front room slide out

                                                Right side showing the bedroom slide out

                                                                  Inside looking to the rear

                                                                  Inside looking forward

                                                   So much more comfort then what we had

                                                               Sofa sleeper and dinette

                                                                   View from bedroom

                                                      Actually a large bathroom for a RV

                                                                      Bathroom sink

                                                                          Large shower

                                                             Nice bedroom, bad picture
                                                        Bedroom TV and vanity area

                                                                 Ricon East RV Resort