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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heat wave.......

Today was the second day of 100 plus temperature. It was 104 degrees inside the RV this afternoon. Thank goodness the nights really cool off. We had to use the comforter last night. We took our hike through the desert this morning before it warmed up and by noon we were ready for town.

There is not much to the town of Quartzsite. Lots of rocks and souvenir shops. We looked around for a while but it was even too hot going store to store. We stopped at McDonald's and had ice cream and enjoyed their air conditioning. We then came back to the RV and found the only shade we could and had what else, a cold one (maybe two). Chris started the generator and we turned on our air and charged all the things that needed charging, the computers, our Zunes, our Kindles, my cameras, the phones and the MIFI. Makes you wonder how could we survive without electricity. 

I forgot to take the camera to town this afternoon so the only photo's I have are of some desert birds that are in the area. Sorry I don't know the names of the birds. (If anyone knows please share)

Desert Chipmonk