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Friday, May 18, 2012

May 17 Still at Rocky Mountain National

Today we awoke to sunshine and warmer weather but because it usually rains in the afternoon we decided to get an early start on our hiking. We have a favorite hike here, the Emerald Lake
Trail. It takes you to four alpine lakes each one higher in alleviation ending at Emerald.  The first two lakes were a piece of cake than we hit the snow. The trail was completely covered and in some areas up to around five feet, Richard was smart enough to bring along his hiking poles so we each had one pole which really helped. The snow was packed and the trail wasn't to hard to follow and as you see by our pictures very worth the hard hike in.  Emerald Lake was completely frozen over and the wind was blowing so hard it created quite a wind chill, like a cold Minnesota day in January, yikes!

In the afternoon we took a ride in to Estes Park to do  the rest of the shopping for our granddaughters. The town is very touristy but very pretty. We will be at the park for at least another day.

Emerald Lake Trail

Emerald Lake Trail

Dream Lake

Dream Lake

Dream Lake

On The way To Emerald Lake

Emerald Trail

Emerald Trail

View From our Campsite

RMNP Campsite

Relaxing after a hard day


May 16 Rocky Mountain National Park

Big Thompson Canyon

Estes Park, CO

Today we drove up the Big Thompson Canyon to Rocky Mountain National Park. Even the drive up is beautiful. At the top of the canyon sits Estes Park, a beautiful mountain town. Estes Park is just a couple of miles from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.We arrived in the park in the late morning and found a great camping spot on a high bluff overlooking a beautiful meadow, we decided to stay at least three days. The weather here is cloudy and chilly. In the afternoon we took a couple of shorter hikes, an easy hike up to Alberta Falls and the nature trail around Bear Lake we had wanted to do more hiking but it started to rain. The trails are still covered with snow on the northern sides and we're talking about a lot of snow. We have no electricity in the campground so the nights are cold.

Our great campsite



Trail to Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls

Tail to Bear Lake

Bear Lake