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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Short drive day, walmart and drinks outside

It was a cold evening last night around 28 degrees when we got up this morning. It was tough getting out of a warm bed to turn the furnace on at 6:00. Our little portable heater didn’t do the job very well last night. It has warmed up nicely this afternoon enough for cocktails outside.

We drove to Albuquerque today and will spend the next two evenings here. It is nice being somewhat familiar with an area and know where to stay. We have stayed in this RV Park before and enjoyed it. They accept our camping membership so our stay is ½ price. We arrived here at 12:30 this afternoon so it was a short drive day. Once we got setup it was off to wash the car, I should have taken before and after photos, it was a mess. It was then a quick stop at Walmart and back to the RV Park for the evening.  

In the shade but still warm enough to sit outside