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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rain Rain then more Rain

It has been raining, heavy at times, since 03:00 this morning and it is now 8:00 pm and it’s still coming down. This is the same storm system that hit California yesterday. Arizona desperately needs the rain and this should really make things bloom here. I’m sure by the time we get up in the morning the sun will be out and things will warm up again

 Skies beginning to threaten
 Kept everyone out of the pool
 Skies are getting worse
 Almost time for the down pour
Streets are flooding

Mountains, Ruins, Lakes and Valleys

Because the forecast called for nasty weather we decided to take the opportunity to do some sightseeing before the rains come. We headed off  to the Tonto National Monument where some of the remains from the Salado people are still available in the cliffs overlooking Roosevelt Lake. The Salado people occupied these dwellings 700 years ago. The dwellings are located in the Salt Valley along Theodore Roosevelt Lake in central Arizona.

The drive to the dwellings was fantastic; the scenery was beautiful as we went from the desert floor to mountain tops and lush green valleys. Once we arrived at the visitor center we had a one mile round trip hike to the dwellings. The views from the dwellings were spectacular with views of mountain covered saguaro cactus to the beautiful shores of Roosevelt Lake.  

We made it back to Florence in time to check the post office for mail and make happy hour with the neighbors.  

The ride to the dwelling's crossed this awesome bridge
A view of Theodore Roosevelt Lake
Looking out toward Salt River Valley
Along our ascent to the dwelling"s
The Salado dwelling's

Along the path to the dwelling's
Saguaro along the hillside to the dwelling's
View from the dwelling's
Inside the dwelling 
Another room inside the dwelling
Bridge over the Salt River
Theodore Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt Dam

Another view of the Salt River Bridge