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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 1 Feb 16th 2013

After a stop at Kwik Trip to top off the tank and get some coffee we were on the road at 7:30. Cold (zero) and overcast with light flurries.  Before we left I tried to turn the LP on so we could run the furnace but the access door to the LP valve was frozen shut. (I normally turn the LP off in the fall before storing the RV for the winter)  The RV is too large for just the dash air so it was really cold and getting colder as we went. After twenty miles or so down the road I had to pull over and see if there was a way to turn the gas on. Before I ventured outside I noticed that the refrigerator was running, it runs on LP when we are not pulled into electric. I turned the furnace on and bingo heat. Lets get back on the road. (seems I forgot to turn the LP off last October)

We finally decided to stop for the day. 7:30pm we pulled into Deer Grove RV Park in El Dorado  Kansas. The low tonight is 32 and a high tomorrow of 64. Not bad but I know we can do better.