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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sand, Sand, and more Sand

This morning we drove up to White Sands National Monument. We had no idea how large  White Sands really is. The park is only a small part of the area the rest is military missile testing grounds and it goes on and on for miles.

We love to hike, so we stopped at the Visitor Center and picked up a map and talked the naturalist. What an incredible place this is. They have to plow the roads with a grater everyday so people can drive through.

We chose two hikes, one a moderate 1.6 mile and a strenuous 5 mile. They really lived up to there names. Luckily for us the temperature was mild, the sky was slightly overcast, and it was windy, so windy that the blowing sand actually hurt our legs. Going up some of the dunes proved daunting but about three hours later we made it back to our car none the worse for wear. Tomorrow on to Deming Rock Hound State Park.

Visitor Center

They do have to plow
Part of the easy Hike
Harder Hike
I Like dead trees
Something is brewing
Trail Marker
View from parking lot